elyse douche face (elyserenee) wrote,
elyse douche face

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i wanna fuck it up

holy shit, i can't wait until summer. i don't know why, i have the stupidest summers. next month is march, then april, then may, then june!!!!! those months shouldn't even count because all you do is bullshit SOL review. on wednesday, i am going to get contacts. you know what that means!! YES, I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE! right now, i have the flu. i feel better than yesterday, but i am just jinxing myself and i will probably start throwing up in like 5 minutes. jessica is asleep on my bed. i am getting my bird this weekend. i need to reclean my room. i hate valentine's day because it is really stupid and just an excuse to make money between xmas and easter.
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