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remember when everyone loved pirates? i didn't, that's for sure.

dearest friends,
over the past few months, my pubis has been unbearably itchy. then i started to get this rash all over my thighs and i was like uhhhhhhh i have crabs. i really thought i had crabs! so this morning i went to the doctor and she laughed about all my skin problems and called me a poor thing. she was really nice and told me i had some bacterial skin problem and wrote me 4 prescriptions. one for my eczema, some antibiotics for my weirdo thigh rash, a liquid one for the eczema in my hair, and a final one for the gross skin rash that i have on the tops of my arms. she is my hero. taco rodriguez esteban de la sierra (aka birdbrain pt deux) is really nice, but he doesn't know how to drink water or something. i like diet soda, but i know that it is all chemicals and i shouldn't drink it.

not going to school is really fun, so i do it a lot.
love, elyse
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aww dinks, come hangout with justine and i and we shall take care of you
you make me laugh, elyse. i'm sorry yuou have so many rashes! i think what you need is an oatmeal bath! i love you, lil bebe
too bad pirates are the deal. maybe you got rashes on your junks cause its the curse of the pirates giving you land scurvy. eat cabbage all will be well.


March 3 2005, 19:17:22 UTC 11 years ago

I want to chill with your bird next time I come over. Oh....your so smart, u shouldn't even be going to school. you could have graduated in my class if you wanted to.